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The Girl Scouts have gone all out demonic | Reaction from a Christian Perspective!

Terrifying NEW LAW Targets Christians | John MacArthur, Paul Washer. (Reaction) Depraved “Pastor” MOCKS God in Unthinkable Way…. United Methodist and The False Christian Church.

How to Recognize a FALSE Church. T.D. Jakes recently gave His Woman Thou Art Loosed 2022 conference to his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and it was a Major doctrinal disaster! Joel Osteen is a Motivational Speaker at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas.

The END of Christianity in America Right Before Our Eyes? We are seeing an attack on Christianity and Truth in America more severe than ever before. It is because we have Christian musicians and Christian Teachers that are unwilling to stand for TRUTH.

Most false teachers never share the whole gospel because it is not nice. Thats why feel good teachers like, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Beth Moore, TD Jakes, etc… are so dangerous.

How to share the Gospel and Apologetics. Mike Winger, John MacArthur, Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, Wretched Radio, Todd Friel, TreasureChrist (Reformed Wiki 2.0), Ray Comfort of Living Waters and many other Christians leaders have great videos on Biblical Truth! This is a Christian reaction video where I react to current events.

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