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Clip166.013 Aufrufe 23.07.2023 #DenzelWashington#SoundOfFreedom#HollywoodBanDenzel Washington RAGES at Hollywood For BANNING Sound of Freedom Washington didn’t shy away from addressing the declining ratings of big Hollywood awards shows, attributing it to their overemphasis on pushing identity politics in the faces of viewers. He claimed that the public has grown weary of the so-called “woke Hollywood Elites” who seem to believe they are above everyone else. They stand on stage, patting themselves on the back, and lecture the masses on how to live their lives, all while living in their lavish multi-million dollar mansions. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video ☕ On Spill Today you can expect the latest updates on all trending celebrity news and gossip! If you want to stay updated on more drama in the future, click the link to subscribe ➠    / @spilltoday554  #DenzelWashington#SoundOfFreedom#HollywoodBan#SpillToday


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