Words of wisdom from a #WWII veteran

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Speichern2.582.694 Aufrufe 21.02.2023Vincent Speranza is a combat veteran with advice for those who hear the call to take up arms and serve.

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America is a Constitutional Republic !!!!!!! Not a democracy. Individual liberty is protected not equality for all as a dictators tool🤔

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Good Ol’ Southern Hospitality From @bridget_529 😂🤣- Pitbulls and pew pews

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96 year old man will make you cry in 1 minute

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When judge Frank Caprio is faced with adjudicating a speeding ticket given to 96-year-old Mr Victor Coella, the elderly man’s response brings the kind of emotional silence you’d be hard pushed to forget. Seldom do I watch something that within seconds fills my eyes with water. Visit our main Channel:    / wehustletv  #shorts#wehustle#caughtinprovidence


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