Superpower II – Nightvision — Monoculars / Bionoculars and Quatrovision

Superpower III – Bulletproof — Vests and Plate Carriers and Special Materials

Superpower IV – NBC Gasmasks and Filters

Superpower VI – Flying — Jetpacks / Flightsuits

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Clip58.990 Aufrufe 10.11.2022Night Vision Vs Night Vision at Home. Today we examine the progress of digital night vision, including an in-depth comparison of the Sionyx Aurora vs Gen 3 intensifier tube night vision. Later, we speculate as to the future of NVG and preview the Sionyx Opsin and where digital technology may take us.

Superpower I – Invisibility — Ghilly Suits Camoflage / Fernel lenses / Anti-Infrared

Superpower II – Nightvision

Superpower III – Bulletproof

Superpower IV – NBC Gasmasks

Superpower V – Flying Suits

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