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Are aliens real? Do UFOs really exist?

These questions, once relegated to the confines of conspiratorial enterprises, are now legitimately being pondered among some scientists, academics — and even in the halls of Congress. It’s an issue Dr. Hugh Ross, an astrophysicist and apologist, has long researched and explored. “I became a UFO expert, but not on purpose,” he recently said. “I was an amateur astronomer before I became a professional astronomer.”

Ross eventually found himself handling UFO reports at universities, exploring claims people made about aliens and unidentified phenomena. And he came to some fascinating conclusions. “About 99% of what people would report to me as UFOs, I could explain as natural phenomena, a hoax, or secret government military activity,” Ross said. “But there’s a 1% residual that falls in a different category, and these would be UFO phenomena.” As for the human reaction to these encounters, Ross also noted they are “never beneficial” and interactions are “always deleterious.” “The best you’re going to come away from with one of these encounters is recurring, terrifying nightmares,” he said. “Worst case scenario, you get killed.”

Reports of alien encounters also mirror what some have experienced during claims of demonic activity, he said. From going into trances to engaging in automatic writing, Ross believes the parallels between demonic possession and purported interactions with extraterrestrials cannot be ignored. Listen to Ross explain the nature of these alien encounters and what he’s observed. CBN News. Because Truth Matters™ Download the free CBN News App: SUBSCRIBE to the CBN News Channel for more:…

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