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Welcome to timeBomb! In today’s episode, we’re shifting our attention to another part of the world dealing with a water problem that could affect prices in the United States. The Panama Canal is a big deal for the U.S. – more than 40 percent of the stuff we buy travels through it. But here’s the issue: the folks in charge of the canal are making some changes.

They’re allowing fewer ships to go through each day, and they’re also telling the really huge ships to lose some weight before they can pass through the canal’s locks. Curious about why all of this is happening? You’ll find the answers in our video! In this week’s update, the Lower Colorado River basin states receive a reprieve from water restrictions, all thanks to an above-average snowpack from last winter. Are the water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell finally seeing a positive turn? Let’s delve into the details. #PanamaCanal#Shipping#LakeMead


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