by Adan Salazar

September 4th 2023, 1:12 pm

‘Covid has caught up with James [Hetfield],’ band writes in social media post.

Concert cancellation comes as Alex Jones warned Biden admin preparing to reimpose COVID restrictions, lockdowns and mask mandates.

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Legendary rock group Metallica cancelled a show in Arizona over the weekend after the band’s lead singer tested positive for Covid-19.

On Saturday, the band informed audiences the second night of their two-day Glendale concert on their latest M72 blockbuster tour would need to be postponed due to lead singer James Hetfield, 60, contracting the virus.

“We’re very sorry to report that tomorrow’s scheduled M72 date at State Farm Stadium has been postponed to Saturday, September 9, 2023, as, unfortunately, Covid has caught up with James,” a message by the band posted to X stated, alongside a photo of a Hetfield’s hand near a positive Covid test.

“We’re extremely disappointed and regret any inconvenience this has caused you; we look forward to returning to complete the M72 No Repeat Weekend in Glendale next Saturday,” the band added.

The cancellation of a major concert certainly brings back memories of Covid-era lockdowns from years past where theaters and stores closed, and concerts and sporting events were cancelled “out of an abundance of caution” to “stop the spread” of the virus.

The concert’s postponement comes as Infowars’ Alex Jones in an exclusive last month detailed via high-level government sources how the Biden administration was preparing to reimpose COVID restrictions in mid-September or October.

Following Jones’ report, numerous schools have temporarily closed their doors, and several universities have reinstated mask mandates and social distancing policies in response to reported outbreaks.

Is the cancellation of the concert a one-time occurrence, or is this just a glimpse of what we can expect in the future?

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