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September 23, 2023

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The Russian Army destroyed a Leopard tank with German service members aboard and was en route to Ukraine. This crew consisted of people who served in the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. On September 23, the commander of a Russian Armed Forces reconnaissance unit in the Zaporizhia region reported this while using the call sign “Legend.”

He told Ria Novosti that an anti-tank-guided missile (an ATGM) was responsible for destroying the tank. When the reconnaissance unit approached the car, they aimed to take a prisoner.

The commander reported that the tank driver suffered severe injuries while others were killed. When the tank driver came to his senses and saw the Russians, he started yelling “nicht schießen,” which translates to “don’t fire” in German.

Leopard 1A5BE stored at OIP Land Systems in Belgium
Leopard 1A5BE stored at OIP Land Systems in Belgium. Image: Company Website

The injured member of the tank crew indicated on many occasions that the entire crew was composed of professional soldiers from the same company in the Bundeswehr and that none of them were mercenaries. He divulged his brigade’s position to the other crew members while he was being administered first aid.

His wounds were severe, and he had lost significant blood in the process. When the German soldier discovered he had a slim chance of surviving in Ukraine, he deeply regretted leaving his family behind and travelling to the country. In a short time after that, he passed away.

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