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Erdogan chose his side in Israel war! Turkish Navy Faces Off Against a US Gerald Aircraft Carrier! Together with our news agency, which has been following Israel and Palestine since the beginning of the war, we have once again compiled the important developments for you. The destruction that these important developments have brought in the short term has confused the whole world!

Turkey’s choice of the wrong side in the Israel-Hamas war shocked the world! Erdogan gave a shock order to the Turkish navy when the US didn’t want its aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean! An operation by a group of Iranian-backed Palestinian militants against Israel has once again stirred the Middle East, where the climate of peace has just settled! Even though the Israeli army was not able to give a full response at first, the consequences would be very heavy for this organization called Hamas!

… With the Israeli Defense Minister’s call for a state of emergency, the fully assembled army marched on Hamas forces. At this point, while there were messages of support for Israel from all over the world, the fact that there were some countries that supported Palestine created a huge tension. At DCM Global, we set out to investigate how things will change in this region, especially from a global perspective, and how lasting the effects will be. But what we’ve found is that things are going to get very complicated with the possibility of another organization, Hezbollah, entering the war…

While Israel is mobilizing to finish Hamas with all the equipment it has, Hamas’s defiant outburst signaled once again that the war will escalate!… By following us, you can stay informed and be part of our research on the progress of this war. You can follow the progress of this process in a DIRECT, CLEAN, way while leaving a MARK on this process. And you can witness each of the GLOBAL variables with us!

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