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I Told You Something Was Coming and Now It’s Here… – John MacArthur

The Gospel of Christ463.000 Abonnenten Thanks117.480 Aufrufe 14.04.2023 I told you something is coming and now it’s here, John MacArthur. I was shocked what they have been planning for the world. The Bible told us this was coming and now it’s here. Earlier this month, the federal reserve rolls out the first stages of the […]

The Currency Reset Will Wipe Out Creditors and Usher in CBDCs. Part 1.

maneco6483.700 Abonnenten Thanks468.035 Aufrufe vor 4 Wochen #cbdc#reset#digitalcurrency kaplunkiiboy vor 4 Wochen (bearbeitet)If the lenders are forced to keep their assets (contracts) in old currency, and the borrowers allowed to convert their assets (cash) into new currency, then the logical outcome will simply be to raise interest rates on the loans to match the devaluation […]