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Arrests Made as Anger Festers among Iranians over Poisoning of Schoolgirls

CBN News925.000 Abonnenten Thanks651 Aufrufe 10.03.2023 #breakingnews#politicalnews#christiannewsJERUSALEM, Israel – Anger is growing in Iran following a series of toxic chemical attacks against Iranian schoolgirls. Across the Islamic Republic, mysterious gas has poisoned hundreds of students in numerous cities. The target is schools who educate girls. On Tuesday, Iran announced the arrests of several unnamed suspects […]

Gravitas: Did the Iranian regime poison students?

WION7,1 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern123.201 Aufrufe 07.12.2022 In Iran, over 1000 university students have fallen sick a day before mass protests. Students say they were poisoned by the regime. The sister of Iran’s Supreme Leader has criticised the regime, a former President has backed the protesters. Molly Gambhir tells you. #Gravitas#Iran#Poison