NYC Prepares People for ‘Big One’ With Nuclear Attack PSA Video


Isabella Steger

12. Juli 2022, 04:09 MESZ

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The city of New York released a public service announcement video outlining the three steps that residents should take in case of a nuclear attack. 

The video, released Monday on NYC Emergency Management’s YouTube channel, says New Yorkers should do the following in the case of “the big one”: 

  • Get inside fast, and don’t stay in the car
  • Stay inside, and shut all doors and windows. Head to a basement if possible. Remove and bag all outer clothing if exposed outdoors
  • Stay tuned to the latest information

The city department did not give details on how or when a nuclear attack might happen and said on its website the likelihood of one occurring in or near New York City is “very low,” but added it’s important New Yorkers know what to do in such a situation. 

This month, researchers at Louisiana State University ran multiple computer simulations to assess the impact of global and regional nuclear conflicts on the world’s oceans. It concluded that any conflict would plunge the world into darkness, cause temperatures to plummet and wipe out much of the world’s sea life in what it said would be a “nuclear little ice age.”

That study comes as the specter of nuclear war was raised following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warning in April that there was a “serious” risk of nuclear war.

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