Ukrainian News


26 September 2022, 14:44

On the temporarily occupied Crimea peninsula, the occupation administration mobilized 60,000 men into the Russian Army.

This was reported by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

“In Crimea, the occupation administration has already mobilized 60,000 people. Moreover, summonses are being issued en masse in places where Crimean Tatars live compactly”, the post says.

It is noted that the mobilized were taken to landfills in the village of Perevalne, Kozacha Bukhta, and the city of Sevastopol. As the CTRC emphasizes, summonses are issued “to those who served in Ukraine, and even to 53-year-old retirees”.

“Rusguard cars are standing and issuing summonses to everyone in a row right on the street”, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center noted.

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